Think Age is Causing Your Smartphone to Drain its Battery too Quickly? It Might Be Something Else.

Posted on: 24 June 2016

One of the most common complaints that people have about their phones as they get older is that the battery is draining too quickly. This can certainly be due to age, but there are several other explanations. If you think your phone needs to be repaired because of poor battery life, it could simply be that you've made one or more of the errors listed below.

You've Downloaded Too Many Apps

Most people keep adding apps to their phone without bothering to delete many of the old ones, and this is a prime reason why older phones might be losing battery life much faster than they used to. Even apps that aren't running can drain the battery because they will be requesting updates and other pieces of data, such as your location.

The worst of the bunch are free apps that show adverts. They will be using your data connection and processor in order to download new apps and user-tracking data, even when you aren't actually using them.

You Frequently Subject it to Extreme Temperatures

You might think your phone is above such problems as hot and cold, but the battery is actually quite sensitive to its environment. When the battery gets either too hot or too cold, you'll find that it drains a lot faster. This is usually only a short-term effect, but long-term degradation and damage can occur. If you like leaving your phone on the windowsill in full view of the sun, you're probably damaging the battery.

You're Committed to Poor Charging Habits

Let's face it, plenty of smartphone users simply let their device run down to 0% battery and then charge it right back up to 100%. Here's the bad news: doing that can decrease the battery life dramatically over time. Instead, follow the advice of the experts. It's generally recommended that you try to keep your smartphone's battery between 40% to 80%, with a complete 0% to 100% charge being conducted only around once a month in order to recalibrate it.

You're Ignoring Updates

Have you made a habit of ignoring updates right up until they are essentially forced upon you? If so, you're probably damaging your phone's battery life. Sure, it's easy to moan about frequent updates, but those updates are conducted for a reason. Among other things, they tend to include tweaks and fixes that will improve the performance and efficiency of your phone. If you notice that your phone is suddenly losing battery a lot faster than everyone else's, it could be that they are the ones installing updates.