Modern Features that Show Your Business Phone System Is Technology-Ready

Posted on: 5 June 2015

Just as your business has to evolve to keep up with the times, your phone system has to do the same too. A technology-ready phone system will provide you with more flexibility when it comes to communication. This will in turn make sure your business is not losing opportunities to competitors due to poor communication infrastructure. Read on to see some of the features your modern phone system should be providing you with.

Voicemail capability

Today, it's very easy for businesses to miss out on important information or business deals due to unavailability. This often happens when your phone systems are busy and your callers too are busy and not able to call back. A voicemail feature ensures you can still receiver orders, information or feedback from internal and external parties even when you can't get to the phone. When seeking to upgrade to a phone system with this feature, you have the option of getting voice per line or per user.

Connectivity to mobile phones

Again, today's busy society means your business should be able to maintain communication no matter where on is. Connectivity to mobile phones means you can stay working round the clock. Modern phones will forward your calls to your mobile line ensuring you never miss an important call. This gives you more freedom as you are not tied down to a desk. It also spurs productivity as you can get work done while on the field, at home or when on the move.

VoIP connectivity

Another feature to watch out for in your phone system is VoIP technology. VoIP phones use internet technology as opposed to the traditional phone lines. Modern phone systems can be fully configured for VoIP or they can feature both analog and VoIP phones. With a VoIP phone system, you will enjoy more data storage, cheaper call rates and unlimited phone range no matter where you go.

Video support

Modern phone systems are bringing people even together through video-supported calling. If this is configured to your PC, you can enjoy video calls as an added option to your voice calling. Needles to say, video calling can let you communicate more information over the phone. This eliminates the need for physical meets and provides you with even more time to get work done.

The above features can ensure your business is not left behind as the rest of the corporate world moves along. These features give you more integration and ease communication internally and to clients. Other features to look for in newer phone systems include PC connectivity, digital queuing, virtual assistants and call scheduling, among others. Learn more by contacting resources like ICOM Solutions.